Planetisation — The Next Level of Trade

Published: 23/February/2017

The Move from Globalisation to Planetisation

In the spirit of seven new planets discovered orbiting around the single star in the TRAPPIST-1 system, this post will talk about the next level of economic output that humanity must achieve from our current level of ‘Globalisation’.

Just like an atomic energy level, humanity must push the electron to the next shell orbital. We have gone from the first shell of autarky, to the next shell level of regional comparative trade, to our current energy shell of Globalisation. The next logical push is to focus on the main drivers of change in humanity, those being education, health and technology, to put humans on exoplanets, increase humanity’s trading possibilities, and push our coagulated PPF further than it has been before to bring a higher standard of welfare to our species.

Innovation and progress to achieve interstellar flight to get as close to light speed and maybe push beyond if it is possible to achieve, in order to decrease the travel time between Earth and TRAPPIST-1, from the current trajectory of forty light years, to less than a year, is stuff of current science fiction and near impossibility. This kind of technology and learning that comes with such feats is only one of many avenues that will bring benefits, never before seen, to the human race in social and fiscal opportunities and rewards.

Not only for Science, but for Economics, Trade, and Jobs

NASA and other space agencies can be used to identify new far-future trading routes for humanity, the economic specialisation that will accompany those planets on their seeded and growing trading prospectus, and not to mention all the accompanying industry and job opportunities that will flourish from this new economic venture for our growing species.

Some planets could be a purely science based economy, trading off the information assembled with trade partners for other specific information developed on these other planets, or on potentially intellectual property will be traded with tangible goods from industry such as rare element mining.

The jobs in the STEM sector will cause an explosion in the demand for those in this industry, and opportunistic governments will look at the long term benefits of such demands and begin incentivising young people to obtain third level degrees in these fields. Even though it may harm the Governments in the short term, the long term benefits will be astronomical and symbiotic in fiscal and monetary collection. This can be done through company establishment and necessary employment thus allowing increases in taxable persons and decreases in live register figures. Social repayments will have people in stable long term employment within STEM fields and will set up national hubs of employments that will allow for fringe, feeder, and services sectors like construction of housing, tourism, hospitality, and others to sprout.


This piece that is intentionally extremely short to allow food for thought is not even scratching the surface on the opportunities the discovery of new Earth like planets can bring to us. Just like the discovery of America and the economic history we can look back on by the opening up of trading routes, with what has grown into a population of 319 million people, us here on Earth have found new potential trade routes that have endless possibilities. If we can develop the technology to reach these planets, develop the best colonising methods dependent on planetary environments, and develop the best new updated models of trading methods, we can ensure the biggest benefits for all of humanity can be attained.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of an Earth headquartered human galactic democratic republic, we will observe how different perspectives and different upbringings, with emphasis especially pertaining to being born and raised on another planet, can allow for adaptions to human thought and physiology that can be cross beneficial among all human inhabited planets. The potential for racism and given enough time xenophobia racism, political ideology, and economic practice will be varied and confrontational, but perhaps this is a thought exercise you may play with.

Finally, just to satisfy the inner science fiction part of me, an interstellar accord for trade, migration, and protection will have elected officials from Earth and other planets to discuss humanity’s affairs across our worlds in a project that will be the most ambitious trading block project ever carried out, a type of European Union but one that works more efficiently and effectively.

About Author

Jonathan McEvoy is an Irish based border control post inspector for the Irish Government and Europe Union who took up his role in 2019 in response to British withdrawal of trade agreements, which was a position taken up after time spent working within the financial services sector in Dubai. He is an economics and finance postgraduate from Waterford Institute of Technology and a community stalwart in his home city of Waterford having been elected to serve on many boards of directors around the city in a voluntary capacity. His love of writing has a deep theme of economics in every published article which talk about history, philosophy, finance, politics, and society. His writings are grounded in practical observations away from the theoretical hypothesis of hypothetical potentials. If you are looking for a modern digestible viewpoint on modern economic ideas with a focus practicality and no holding back, he is a writer for you.

Find Jonathan on the social platforms @jonathanmcev0y

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It is good to be back on Medium. This is going to be the second home of all articles that have been written about and published. Get in touch @jonathanmcev0y

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Jonathan McEvoy

Jonathan McEvoy

It is good to be back on Medium. This is going to be the second home of all articles that have been written about and published. Get in touch @jonathanmcev0y

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